How To Find Keywords In Google Search Console

How To Find Keywords In Google Search Console

Today’s topic is how to find keywords in the google search console, to make higher revenue from websites or blogs.

Did you know that Google already provides you with the keywords you rank for?

What if you could optimize your existing blog posts to target even better keywords?

Instead of spending tons of hours writing a thorough post, you could update an old one and pick juicer keywords.

Here’s how.

  1. Install the keywords Everywhere chrome extension
  2. Head to the search analytics under the google webmasters tools
  3. Choose your website
  4. Be sure to check the clicks, impressions, ctr, and position boxes at the top.
  5. Filter by any specific page that you want keywords to show for: I.e.
  6. Since you installed the keywords everywhere tool, you will see three additional columns on your list: monthly volume, CPC, and competition.
  7. Unfortunately, you can’t sort by CPC, so you will have to copy all the data into a spreadsheet and sort it there. I suggest hitting the show 500 rows at the bottom of webmaster tools.
  8. I made a google sheet to copy ( file > make a copy ) to sort all your keywords.
  9. Copy and paste all your keywords, and then hit the arrow on the column of CPC and sort from A->Z
  10. Voila, you will see all the keywords that your blog post ranks for, all ranked from highest CPC to lowest CPC.

As you can see, this last trick will yield keywords that might not apply to your blog post. in my case, the ” mesothelioma lawyer” will also find keywords that I am already getting impressions like ” top paying keywords,” but I am still ranked on page #2. the secret here is to extend my existing blog post to include that new keyword so that my page gets bumped to page #1.

Remember that now, with the new rank brain algorithm, you shouldn’t target each specific long-tail keyword but rather target medium-tail keywords that cover a broader topic.

So, how can you make $100 a day with Adsense?

I don’t know about you, but 100 bucks a day on ads sounds like an excellent passive income to me ( $3k/mo ). Let’s run some calculations to see what it would take to make $100/ day on AdSense.

First, some assumptions.

  • You are targeting us readers ( as we saw earlier, US ads pay the most on average )
  • Your ctr ( click-through rate ) is 1% (i.e.,1% of visitors click on ads )
  • Your CPC is $0.50 ( your niche is strong, but your site is just getting started )
  • Your rpm ( revenue per 1000 impressions ) is $2.

But you can increase your earnings using azoic. ( an ad tester platform ) We can now calculate how many visitors we need to earn our target amount with these numbers. the formula is = ( visitors * ctr * cpc+ visitors/1000 * rpm ). So with 15000 visitors per day, we obtain around $100/day on AdSense. (15000*1%*$0.5+15000/1000*$2 = $105/day). But how do you obtain 15000 page views per day? Is that reasonable?

Yes, it is reasonable. To do that, you can either

  • Produce 15 articles that get 1000 page views (hard)
  • Make 150 articles that get 100 page views ( much easier )

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